Knight of the Living Dead

Knight of the Living Dead 1.0

Only Sir Galahad and his trusty sword can save us from the Zombie hordes!


  • Zombies!
  • Good control system
  • Power-ups are cool


  • Short
  • Basic graphics


Knight of the Living Dead is a gaming mash up of the King Arthur legend, and zombies! You play Sir Galahad, and have to destroy waves and waves of zombies using your sword, plus a range of fantastic powers

This is a quirky top-down slash em up survival game. The aim is to kill every single zombie as fast as possible. If you die, there's a five second penalty before you rebirth and can continue the undead slaughter. Control is via the keyboard, for moving and managing your magic powers, and the mouse, for aiming and slicing zombies. This system works well.

As soon as you begin, zombies swarm toward you. Left-clicking to hack them away with your sword is effective, but slow, and you need to constantly circle around, keeping yourself in some space so you don't become engulfed. As you proceed, you will level up. A message tells you to hit Space, which takes you to a menu where you can upgrade Galahad.

Your abilities are organized into 5 cards, giving you some cool powers like Smite, Zealotry and Holy Beam. As you level up your powers will get more ridiculous too, and the effects are dramatic. Your sword can grow to huge proportions, allowing you to sweep crowds of Zombies away in a single swipe.

Knight of the Living Dead looks pretty basic, with big, blocky graphics, but it plays really well, and the sound effects are pretty cool. The card system for powers takes some getting used to, especially when you're really under zombie pressure. It's a fairly simple, and short experience, and replay value comes mainly from fast time chasing. There are online scoreboards, based on time that are automatically update with your score. You can view the top ten results for all time and the last week.

Knight if the Living Dead is a humorous, challenging and fun slash em up, which should satisfy arcade action fans.

Knight of the Living Dead


Knight of the Living Dead 1.0

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